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Realtime Immersion

Capture and stream high-quality live 360° video to any connected device



RTI powers diverse products that deliver high-quality, low-cost 360° video. A patented combination of advanced optical technology and processing software enables live 360° video to be streamed from a single camera, eliminating the expense and complexity of stitching video from multiple cameras.

RTI licenses and sells its 360° video technology to partners in select markets. Protected by seven granted patents, the technology evolved from systems developed for DARPA and the US military. With military DNA, the cameras are rugged, lightweight, portable, and even wearable, making them ideal for a range of applications and markets.

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Smart home

360° cameras for virtual-assistant and home-security devices



360° video-conferencing systems



Next-generation 360° action and lifestyle cameras


Broadcast / VR

360° cameras for broadcast, web streaming and virtual reality

Greg Easley has founded, managed, and secured profitable exits for multiple technology companies over the last 20 years. His specialty is building startups that operate at the intersection between media/entertainment and advanced interactivity. Easley has co-authored two patents for video-game inventions and has overseen the launch over 100 software products to date. In addition Easley has worked with a broad spectrum of media, entertainment, and technology companies.

Greg Easley received a BA with High Distinction from the University of Virginia and continued to study there as a graduate student under late philosopher Richard Rorty. Outside of work Easley enjoys action sports, playing his acoustic guitars, and spending time with his wife and two children.

Raghu Menon, an accomplished computer scientist with over 23 years of experience in the high-tech camera industry, has secured multiple federal grants from DARPA, NSA, and US defense agencies.

Raghu’s breadth of experience covers developing 360° imaging systems for defense and commercial applications as well as structuring and closing deals with OEM partners. He has conceived many inventions and published research papers on 360° imaging. Raghu received his MS and PhD in electrical and computer engineering from SUNY Buffalo.

A 35-year veteran of the high-tech and wireless industries, Perry LaForge played a key role in the worldwide rollout of 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. As part of that effort, he helped manage the launch and funding of Qualcomm and then led the expansion of the CDMA wireless system. Perry founded the CDG, a leading trade organization that helped pioneer the advancement of digital cellular markets, and also served as founder/MD of PRTM Consulting’s telecom practice. While at PRTM he served as GM for the fastest growing company in the history of NASDAQ.

As a prolific angel, Perry has founded, invested seed money in, and advised a number of leading companies. Perry received his BS in engineering, magna cum laude, from Santa Clara University and his MBA from Dartmouth.